In this film, you will engage with many dancers with disabilities as they share their experiences of overcoming challenges to continue their life’s passion. You will experience the inspirational story of Tam and Donna and how disparate disabilities and their love of Dance brought them together. A Passion For Dance  will introduce you to many other dancers who are attracted to working with Tam and Donna to create a unique Dance experience. You will join their journey, root for their success and follow their dreams as they venture through the auditions and selection process. And finally, you will feel their triumph in making the cut and share their disappointment if they do not.

A Passion for Dance - Donna and Tam
A Passion for Dance - Donna performing
A Passion for Dance - Donna

Once the selected dancers have been chosen, you can cheer for them through their hours of rehearsal preparing for the grand finale. Then experience their elation as it all comes together.

This powerful documentary stands as a manifesto of dreams, hopes and possibilities and the beautiful creative expression of dance.