Support Empowering Documentary Film about Dancers with Disabilities

A Passion for Dance is a documentary film that follows the individual journeys of dancers with disabilities who have overcome adversity to follow their dreams.

It began with Donna Russo and Tam Warner, two women whose disabilities could not deter their shared passion for the art of Dance. Tam, an industry leading choreographer, created a gripping dance routine which underscored Donna’s courage and determination to continue dancing.

The emotion evoked from both live and digital audiences meant that Donna’s story, as well as the stories of other dancers who triumph over their limitations, must be told.


Why should your company sponsor this documentary?

Associating your organization with this film will demonstrate your continued commitment to the disability community and your company’s resolve to help individuals achieve their dreams.

Your sponsorship will be broadcast widely, reaching not only people with disabilities but also the able-bodied who will learn what it is like to have a disability and still perform at the highest levels.

The film will be viewed by more than 30,000 people at every major and minor film festival. It will also be screened in seven cities across the nation at the 2016 Abilities Expos, which attract another 30,000 attendees from the community. The DVDs will be available at the expos and through the Internet.

Your products are already an asset to people with disabilities. Become their champion.